Goats… so much to learn

It is a cold and very WINDY day here at EmToCa farm. We were blessed with our second set of goat babies this year. Our doe Lucy gave birth around 6pm yesterday. Except for the weather being so cold, everything seems to be just fine. It just simply amazes me to see a mama goat who knows just what needs to be done. I had read in an article that after a doe gives birth that a nice bucket of warm water with molasses in it would be greatfully accepted. This is so true. My doe was all done getting the kids cleaned up and she had a full bucket of clean water and feed if she wanted it. However when I arrived with that warm bucket of sweet water, you could almost hear the sigh of satisfaction as she sucked it all down. I guess it is my way of comforting her for all the hard work.
  So far both babies, of which we are not set on names yet, are doing just fine. We keep checking on them with this cold weather to be sure they are warm enough and getting milk.

My neighbor has not been so lucky. He had a sanaan doe that had triplets. All three babies have now died and mama is in dire straights. The thing about owning goats is that if you come into it as a novice, you soon become very knoweldgebale. Things that you thought would not happen often do and it sends one scrambling for information. I am so blessed to have a husband to keep me grounded and level headed. I hear myself talking about goat items and think to myself, WOW, I guess you have learned a thing or two. Not to say that I am an expert.. Oh far from it. But I do the best I can, pray for wisdom and leave the rest in God’s hands.

We are so lucky to live in the times that we do. 20 years ago the internet what not there for information. If you did not have a book on hand, or a knowledgeable neighbor or friend you were stuck. But with the internet you can search, research, ask others questions, learn from other’s mistakes and have information at your fingertips that was not available before. Personally I am very thankful. I can order goat books, supplies, ask advice all without leaving my warm cozy house. Life is good.

On a seperate note, our first Goat baby named Logan went to live with is new parents. It was a bittersweet parting. I miss the clip clop across the floor and the sight of a baby goat jumping on the couch.. ( I am a pretty tolerant person)… but thankfully he went to a wonderful family where I know he will receive lots of love an affection. I think that made the parting easier. Luke is still here with us, waiting to go to CT to live with family. My children are thrilled with that idea. They can go visit and see an animal they know.

Well, I need to get back to the farm and check on he new babies. Thanks for stopping by to read. Hope to see you soon.

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